We are the professional services provider to the financial services sector in Indonesia. Financial Services is a priority industry for our firm. Our services focus on multinational and domestic organizations that are facing business and finance issues and challenging opportunities. Financial services have animportant value and continue to grow share holder value.Financial aspectsare usedtosee how farthe company"s abilitycan manageits resourcesto generatenet income andalso toevaluatethe performance ofmanagement. Sometimes, financial problems, such as presentation offinancial information, maybe a weakness for the assessment of the performance management share holders. We are here and we have a team of dedicated financial services personnel offering services such as audit, financial due diligence, accounting advice, tax (personal and corporate), transaction services including lead advisory and, forensic services, governance, risk management, IT consulting, market reporting, and regulatory and compliance. Our people have deep industry knowledge and expertise to deliver insight and value.
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