"Trust, honesty, humility, transparency and accountabilityare the building blocks of a positive reputation.Trust is the foundation of any relationship."- Mike PaulWe are delighted to share with you information of our accounting and business consultant firm Hertanto,Grace, Karunawan (KAP HGK) which is a member firm of The International Accounting Group (TIAG).With this brand we let our people build the trust,integrity and commitment to our clients.The firm has dedicated professional services formore than 30 years. The long history has given usmany experiences and learning. The journey inbusiness had made us strong and tough in overwhelming challenges to handle and serving our clients as well as to the public to support theirhigh quality in corporate management.Those are part of our services to our clients,beside many other services such as tax compliance,auditing management information system, reviewing function of company’s internalaudit, professional hiring,training in auditing andIFRS accounting. We do also serving foreign investor to complete their investment schemeadministration and legal matters to comply withthe Indonesian regulation. We do those allabove with passion, discipline and talent.HGK clients business sectors ranging from publicservices such as hospital, hotel, contractors/EPCbanking includes the Central Bank, insurance,automotive workshop et cetera, up to manufacturesof several products, estate plantations, oil & gas industry, pension funds institution, coal mining, fresh water industry, agriculture business, airportmanagement, national news agency, and manyothers owned by public, private investment as well as government companies. Facing the future economic growth of Indonesiawe will constantly growing our services byimproving the organization and management of HGK, recruiting excellent professional of relevant services and also dedicating to enhance continuing education for our people to achieve best performance in the business. We will also develop a training centre for financial business,information technology, marketing, human resource management and banking services.
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